Pick up field stones from the seat of your four-wheelee

New time-saving solution for picking field stones in agriculture



Great working environment

The comfort of working from the seat of an ATV is by far better than a tired back and dirty hands. The machine can even pick up the stones most stuck.

Time saving

You can collect stones way faster than earlier with a Stoneless ATV stone collector on your fields. Our costumers tell us that it only takes them one-third of the time.

Minimal imprint

Our solution leaves a minimal imprint on your field and crops, as the stone collector and ATV only weighs a few hundred kilograms. Simply wait 1-2 weeks and the imprints will be completely gone.

Financial savings

With our solution, you are assured financial savings, as you save many working hours. Furthermore, you will find yourself suddenly prioritizing the now much easier stone removal task!


Søren Vestergaard Kristensen

The creator of Stoneless’ ATV-stone-collector ™

Søren grew up on his parents’ pig farm near Kjellerup in Jutland, Denmark. Every year he helped collect rocks on the 400 hectare fields.

Already as a fifteen year old he wanted to find better ways of collecting rocks, than simply walking beside a tractor and picking them up by hand. Therefore, he started building the first prototypes.

The first few prototypes had to be discarded: “As a 15 year old I did not have the skills to build a proper machine that would work as desired, but it still believed in my idea” says Søren.

After finishing primary school Søren apprenticed as a blacksmith during his 5-year long EUX education, which is a mix between technical school and practical learning. The machine got perfected during these years, as Søren used his idea in every possible school project. He also used a lot of his spare time on drawing and building new prototypes of the ATV stone collector.

The sales of the machines started in the spring 2019, and have since rocketed. Today, Søren is working full-time on selling the machines.

Investment calculation

ATV with rock picker


Tractor with rear bucket


Hourly rate: 20€ x 30% = 26€


30% constitutes holiday pay and insurance


Just mount the control box on your ATV and you are ready to enter the field!

GBP 8.200,-

Free shipping

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